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When You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

When wisdom teeth cause problems, or X-rays show they might cause trouble down the line. Other good reasons to take them out include...

Damage to other teeth: That extra set of molars can push your other teeth around, causing mouth pain and bite problems.

Jaw damage: Cysts can form around the new teeth. If they aren’t treated, they can hollow out your jaw and damage nerves.

Sinus Issues: Problems with wisdom teeth can lead to sinus pain, pressure, and congestion.

Inflamed Gums: Tissue around the area can swell and may be hard to clean.

Cavities: Swollen gums can create pockets between teeth that help bacteria grow and cavities form.

Alignment: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems with crowding of other teeth and even make treatment to straighten other teeth necessary.

If you wait, you could have problems after surgery that range from heavy bleeding and fractured teeth to severe numbness and minor loss of movement in your jaw. These troubles could last a few days or a lifetime.


Source: https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/wisdom-teeth-removal-necessary

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