Routine Exams

Your first visit is very important in oder to determine you existing dental condition. In this visit we will perform a full mouth exam, x-rays, oral cancer screening, Periodontal evaluation, Spectra Scan/pictures (to detect early stage caries). Examination of your occlussion (bite) and other related teeth and supportive structures.

Dental Hygiene
A dental cleaning is a professional cleaning performed by a dentist or Hygienist. Cleaning should be done every 3-6 months to prevent plaque build up.  Plaque that is not removed can lead to gum disease and caries.  A deep cleaning is called a Scaling and Root Planing.  It is performed on patients with deed calcified plaque accumulation called calculus .
Dental Fillings

Composites fillings are tooth colored bonding materials that are used to replace missing tooth structure or repair teeth defects. Composites come in different shades to best match your tooth color. This bonding restorations look very natural. 

Emergency Dentistry

In Pain?  We can Help!

We offer emergency dental services and can usually schedulle emergency patients the same day.  Let us help you feel better. 

Teeth Whitening


We offer in-office and take home  dental whitening treatments. If your are ready to brighten your smile we can help you. The process is very simple, fast and non-invasive. 

White Bonding Restorations or Composites

Composites are tooth colored bonding materials to replace missing tooth structure or repair teeth defects. Composites come in different shades to best match your tooth color. You do not have to have ugly silver restorartions in your mouth. 

 Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth that look good,  feel good and function like natural teeth.

Rooth Canal Treatments

A Root Canal Treatment is the process of removing diseased and infected tissue (pulp) with in a tooth. The pulp is a soft tissue made of nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth. If left untreated can couse other major infections. After the pulp is removed the canals are cleaned and filled to prevent reocurrance. Infected tooth symptoms may include, sensitivity to hot and cold, pain during bitting or pressure, throbbing pulsating pain, sweeling and bad taste in the mouth. Teeth that have been treated with a RCT may need a crown to prevent fractures and restore the tooth to proper function. 

Crown & Bridges

A dental crown or "cap" is a dental restauration that fits over a tooth that has lost substantial tooth structure. The crown will cover the tooth above  the gum line.

Crowns are made of different materials, Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM), all metal, all porcelain or Zirconia. Bridges are designed to look like your natural teeth.

Crowns support weak teeth and allows them to function normally again. 

Bridges are crowns that replace missing teeth using the two teeth next to the missing  teeth as support. 

We will be happy to discuss with you the different Crown and Bridges materials available. 

Dentures, Flexi Partials, Night Guards, Cosmetic Dentistry and much more. Call us today!


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